Jul 4, 2011

Top 10 Biggest Animals in the World

1. African elephant:

African elephant is the largest animal of the world therefore stands on 1st number in top ten lists. African elephants have maximum weight is 13000kg and 6.66 meters length. Their large ears help them to keep cool in hot weather of Africa. Elephants are fond of water they enjoy showering water with their large trunk. Their trunk is actually their nose use to smelling, drinking, trumpeting and breathing. Its trunk has 100,000 different muscles. An adult elephant consume 300 pounds food daily. Female elephant pregnancy period consist of 22 months.

2. Asian elephant:

Asian elephant is slightly smaller than African elephant therefore they stand on 2nd number in top ten lists. A major difference between both elephants is ear difference. An Asian elephant’s ear is smaller and round shape than African elephants. Their maximum weight is 5200 kg and average length is 5.94 meters. An adult elephant take 300 pounds food daily. Its trunk also has 100,000 muscles. Asian elephants have been domesticated for thousands of years. Both Asian and African elephant average age is 60 years.

3. White Rhinoceros:

White Rhinoceros stands on 3rd number with their maximum weight 3850kg and 3.81 meters length. Their native country is Africa. There are about 14,500 White Rhino still left in the wild. White Rhinoceros are herbivorous. Their lifespan is nearly 40 to 60 years. They can live up to 4 to 5 days without water.

4. Hippopotamus:

Hippopotamus stands on 4th number in top ten lists with maximum weight 3400 kg and 3.35 meters length. They live both in water and land. Their native country is Africa there they are nearly 150,000 to 125,000. There is evidence to suggest they walked on the Earth more than 55 million years ago. Hippo is mainly spent in the water during the day.

5. Gaur:

Gaur stands on 5th number with maximum weight 1800 kg and 2.99 meters length. Gaur is one of the largest animals of the world. Male Gaur are nearly 25% larger then female. Both males and females have horns and mainly feed is grass. Their native countries are south and south East Asia. Gaur pregnancy period consist of 9 months.

6. Giraffe:

Giraffe stands on 6th number in largest animals of the world. Their maximum weight is 2150 kg and average length is 4.69 meters. Giraffes are found the central and South African savannah, southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. It has a very long neck and a small head with three horns. They feed trees leaves and bushes.

7. Walrus:

Walrus stands on 7th number in top ten largest animals of the world. Their maximum weight is 2150kg and average length is 3.35meters. Walrus have tusks and mustached. Walrus is most often found near the Arctic Circle, lying on the ice with hundreds of companions. They are carnivore and live up to 40 years.

8. Black rhinoceros:

Black rhinoceros stands on 8th number in ten largest animals with maximum 1900kg weight and 3.43 meters length. Black rhinoceros have one hunted horn. Actually both black and White Rhinoceros are gray. The black rhino has a pointed upper lip, while its white relative has a squared lip. They enjoy rolling in mud. Rhinos have sharp hearing and a keen sense of smell.

9. Marine Crocodile:

Marine crocodile stands on 9th number in top ten lists of biggest reptile of the world. Its maximum weight is 1600kg and average length is 6.10 meters. Crocodile is found in Northern Australia, the eastern coast of India and parts of Southeast. Large adult saltwater crocodiles can take any animal like monkeys, human, birds, bats, water buffalo, gaurs and other many animals.

10. The wild Asian water buffalo:

The wild Asian water buffalo stands on 10th number in top ten biggest animal lists.Its maximum weight is 1250kg and average length is 3.48 meters. The water buffalo found in wet grassland, river valley and huge vegetation. This animal depends on water. Its gestation period is 10 months. These are surviving in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Australia, and parts of South and Central America.
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