Jun 14, 2011

Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands in the World

1. Budweiser

Budweiser is called the king of beers! Budweiser beer is probably one of the most well-known beer brands around. This best lager has a crispy taste and has been a favourite the world over for generations.

2. Heineken

A beer with bold taste which you call “SKUNKY”!
Heineken beer is a light lager with an alcohol content of 5%. This beer brand is mainly favoured in parts of Europe and has a original type of yeast to ensure its unique flavour.

3. Corona Extra

Usually customers give thumbs up for that! Because it becomes more delicious when taken with lime
Corona beer hails from Mexico and is a brand of pale lager that's imported to over 150 countries worldwide. Corona beer is known for the wedge of lime or lemon inserted into the neck of each beer bottle, giving the beer a unique taste.

4. San Miguel Pale Pilsen

This is a light gold and long lasting taste. You drink it and it is sweet and cool but a little bitter at the end.

5. Guinness

You taste this beer and it is laughable! It is more sweeter and less bitter in the taste . It is very thin and watery.
Hailing from Ireland, Guinness beer is a dry solid beer and is one of the most successful beer brands ever. Its burnt flavour and thick head is known the world over and is amazingly healthful

6. Miller Lite

Due to its neutral taste it is friendly with all the food. It has low calories and and a fewer amount of carbs.
Miller beer is the umbrella term for all beers under the Miller brand, and there are plenty! Miller beer has been favoured for generations and has innumerable different types for you to choose.

7. Coors Light

This is the third largest beer producing company in US. They are famous for operating Golden, Colorado Brewery which is the largest single brewery facility in the world.

8. Sam Adams

Sam Adam is an American brand of beer. This name of Samuel Adams, was a name to tribute a person who did a great work for American revolution, it is one of the largest companies of America.

9. Yuengling

This type of beer is produced by D.G Yuengling & Son, which is the oldest brewing company in US. They produce 3.6 million barrels per annum.

10. Sarajevsko Pivo

It is a finest beer with wonderful luxury taste. It is said that it has long lasting, smoother and very clear effect. It is made in Bosnia .It is good due to their high quality water .
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